The Chord-Ayres are a local group of men, some older, some younger, who close their shops, climb off their tractors, put on their tuxedos and harmonize to some of the most unlikely strains of music this side of Minnesota. Watching their faces, some windburnt, sly, sincere, carefree, or rascally. Some weathered by life, so clearly the faces of Southwestern Minnesota, its hardships and pleasures, this thought rose up: "no one makes them do this! No one put this group together from the outside, it wasn't required like county government or public education, not mandated by religion or morality like tithing in church, not a designated goal of the community like Chamber of Commerce mission related service. These men (and women accompanying on the piano) make and provide this music only because they enjoy it." 
         ~SMAHC Review by: Bob Ross
Sponsored by American Legion Post #359 - Milan, MN

Group photographs provided by: C. Edwards Studio, Inc.


Chord-Ayres Male Chorus

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